Susan has a deep inner wisdom and personal self-awareness that allows her to connect with people in a compassionate, non-judgmental way. Her presence alone is healing!
Reverend Mary Yankee


Testimonials for Energy Medicine Sessions                                                                          

Meeting Susan was such a blessing! I had pain in my knee and pain in my lower back. I don’t know how she did it, but the pain is gone. (Biofield Tuning and Reiki) – Cris M.

I have had the great privilege of experiencing both Biofield Tuning and Biosyntonie modalities offered by the kind Susan Bischak. Her work is effective and transformative. These modalities are powerful tools that address both psychospiritual and physical complaints. They create frequency changes in the body and aura that enhance deep and lasting healing.”  –  Dr. Robert Kandarjian DC

My head was stuffy with congestion and I was in bed drinking tea when Susan happened to call. I told her I had tried all the remedies I could think of but couldn’t clear it. She then got off the phone to give me a virtual healing session from her home. Ten minutes later my head was clear! – Deb Peterson, Host of Balance Your Life TV Show

I had the pleasure of working with Susan while I was undergoing chemotherapy treatments.  I received Biosyntonie sessions the week after my chemo treatments and found that it significantly helped my energy level and minimized the negative side effects of chemotherapy. I had absolutely no nausea.  I felt calm and energetically balanced after each session. I was amazed how well I tolerated chemotherapy and believe that Biosyntonie was an important part of my successful healing.  I am so grateful that Susan introduced Biosyntonie to me and would recommend it to anyone. – Louise V.

I came to Susan with pain that was an 11 on a scale of 1 to 10. The pain was so severe that I went to the emergency room where they only offered me addictive painkillers that I refused to take. I had a session of Quantum Energy Shift with Susan, who discovered a past life event related to the pain. Later that week I came for a Biosyntonie session, after which the pain lessened by 50%, so I was able to sleep better. After the second Biosyntonie session my pain was gone. – Daniel J.

I had limited movement of my broken arm, but after two Biosyntonie sessions, I could move it more freely. My orthopedic doctor was amazed at my progress. He expected to send me to physical therapy, but said there was no need for it anymore. He said I had greatly exceeded his expectations of recuperation. I was able to go back to work two weeks earlier than expected. – Louise G.

While visiting Susan I somehow broke one of my toes. It swelled up and was a bit purple. I was limping a few days and shoes were uncomfortable to wear. To help me out Susan set me up with a Biosyntonie session while she went into the nearby kitchen to start dinner preparations. My session progressed and all of a sudden I felt and HEARD a LOUD crack and my toe STRAIGHTENED OUT!!! Susan heard the crack in the kitchen and my exclamation and rushed in. My toe straightened!!! If the energy path is clear, the energy from this incredible work will obviously correct BONE misalignments!!! It did for me! – Aimee Carruth, author of Facts are Beliefs Made Solid and instructor of the Axiatonal method. www.elighten.org

I am writing to express my appreciation to you for helping me with pain relief using the Biosyntonie session. I was surprised and could hardly believe the outcome. I had been living with daily pain for weeks after I fell on ice. I fell on my knee and hip, but to break my fall caught myself with my left arm. I was taking pain medications daily. With one Biosyntonie session I was relieved of the pain. My sincere thanks! – Jane S.

Before the session of Biosyntonie I had to go up stairs with two feet on each step. After the session I could do steps normally. – Cecelia P.

Thank you so much for helping me with a broken shoulder. After two Biosyntonie sessions my range of motion increased considerably. The physical therapist commented on my improvement. – Ida D.

The day after experiencing a session of Biosyntonie, pain in my right knee from bursitis was totally gone. Three days later the swelling and redness was no longer there. It was a totally amazing experience.  – Ray D.

I underwent surgery in order to remove a rib because it had a tumor. The surgery went well, but I dealt with a tremendous amount of pain for weeks afterward. Every time I laughed, coughed, sneezed, or even took a deep breath my ribcage area ached immensely. My doctor gave me pain medication, but it had little to no effect. Then Susan Bischak tried a Biosyntonie session on me, which left me beyond amazed at how, after less than 30 minutes of this method, I could take a huge breath with hardly a bit of pain. Without the Biosyntonie session I feel I would have been dealing with the severe pain for weeks, if not months longer. – Melanie R.

Thank you for giving me a session of Biosyntonie. I went to Yankee Stadium, but I could only walk up five steps before I had to stop because of pain in both legs. I managed to reach the top of the stairs with difficulty. I had been experiencing this pain in both legs for months. After one Biosyntonie session I went shopping at a mall. I did not realize until a good four hours of walking that I did not have pain in either leg. Today I did errands for most of the day and did not experience any pain in my legs. – Judy S., Registered Nurse

I was experiencing debilitating pain during my monthly cycle. After two Biosyntonie sessions I had a normal, painless cycle. Jenny H.

Shortly after my mother died, Susan suggested doing a Biofield Tuning session. We did the session remotely by phone and it was 15 days after my mom’s passing. I had been sobbing in spurts during the days and quite a lot at night. I was practically sleepless. 

I definitely felt energy moving at specific times during the session. Susan does speak while working on you. I had some sensations of energy moving but I could tell I felt more evenly balanced on both sides of my body as she progressed.  She also (among other more private things) detected past attachments in the ancestral stream which she cleared. (This was actually picked up on in an oracle card reading that I had done a short time afterwards. Wow!). I definitely felt “lighter” afterwards. Susan said that I would likely continue to feel the effects over the next few days and suggested taking a salt bath that night, which I did. 

The most incredible part of this healing, and yes, I do believe it was a healing, was that though I had some maudlin moments, sad remembrances, meditative prayers… I stopped sobbing in my grief, as if, I couldn’t sob anymore. It’s almost as if this accelerated passing through the agonizing grief phase to something more subtle, more bearable. Amazing. Thank you, Susan. I know that this modality of healing worked for me. Many blessings Susan! – Crystal H. 7/28/2020

I have had several Biofield Tuning sessions with Susan Bischak and NEED ANOTHER! I have been an energy practitioner for over 35 years and have experienced many modalities. Biofield Tuning combined with Susan’s own skills is a powerful combination to clear long standing, and many times unseen issues! I live in New Hampshire and Susan is in New Jersey. All of my sessions have been at a great distance proving that a client’s location doesn’t matter. What I have experienced in the sessions cleared energetic challenges that I had no clue were in my field. I can and do recommend this work and Susan herself as a practitioner to everyone that is interested in energy work that goes above and beyond the “norm”!                                     Aimee Carruth, Enlighten.org, Author and teacher of the Axia Tonal method. – 9/14/2020

I recently experienced Biofield Tuning technique with Rev. Susan Bischak. It was unbelievable. She picked up on all my areas of need in my body plus the areas that were doing fine. She worked on me remotely and I could feel the heat and tingling in my body and then visually could see the energy flowing through me as particles of white light. The healing was amazing. In addition she works with the Virgin Mary and the peace I felt was beyond my expectation. Rev. Dr. Christine V.

My father in England was very ill and in and out of hospital. I had never heard of my dad to be so sick. He thought he was going to die. I was so worried. I asked Susan if she could do her healing session called Biofield Tuning.  Susan worked on my father remotely and it wasn’t till the next day I spoke to my dad. He sounded so much better. His voice sounded normal, not like before, and he could get out of bed. I highly suggest getting a healing session from Susan. The results were miraculous. My father is totally better now. You do not need to be in the room with Susan because it can be done effectively at long distances. 
K. Lakshmi
Susan is a most skillful practitioner. Her Quantum Energy Shift (QES) modality is an excellent solution for anyone healing emotional wounds or trauma. QES is a very effective technique. Certainly one that we will be hearing more about in the future.– Jerry Hocek, Former Publisher, Natural Awakenings Magazine, Bergen/Passaic edition of Northern New Jersey


I had been to other mediums, John Edwards gallery included, and I have never had a better experience than with your reading. You have brought me the peace with both parents that I needed, and I am forever grateful to you. I can’t wait to have another private reading. – D. Hicks, California

I had to write and tell you how much your reading has given me peace of mind. You hit on so many things that no one could possibly know about my dad and family. It was a great experience to be so connected to the afterlife. I have gone to other mediums and never had so much satisfaction. – P. Hayden, New Jersey 

I can’t thank you enough for last night’s session and your God given gift. I was astonished and in shock at you channeling my husband. My daughter and I were having a conversation at 3 a.m. because neither of us could sleep after reviewing all the information you provided. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am blessed to have experienced such a sacred encounter with you. 
–  Pat M.

Praise for Healing A Desperate Heart                                                                                                                                                     

A Search for Personal Peace
Throughout life’s journey we continue to accumulate emotional “baggage”, some of it provides for healthy growth and some it goes without comfortable or appropriate closure. All of our experiences combine to influence our confidence in future decisions and our interpretation of new situations and personalities. Rev. Bischak chronicles the memorable events and relationships that shaped her personal journey. This memoir of self-discovery is an open and honest look at the author’s search for understanding of relationships left with unfulfilled expectations and open-ended issues. Follow Susan as she learns what shaped her needs and how she comes to recognize her strengths, her gifts, and her determination to change those things that she can and accept those things that she cannot change. An enjoyable and interesting read that will leave you thinking… maybe you can heal your own heart. – Coz R. ★★★★★

A Must Read, a Real Page Turner!
Many of us have unresolved conflicts with relationships. It is what we do with these challenges that matters. We can ignore them, but that does not mean they go away. They often fester in our mind and heart, causing physical and emotional trauma. How do we resolve these conflicts? Should we take the safe approach, by not rocking the boat; or risk a gamble, by taking them head-on, no holds barred, win or lose? This book is a must read for anyone who has ever had an unresolved issue- with a friend, co-worker, significant other, or family member. It is a compelling story that draws us moment by moment into Susan’s poignant odyssey. – Barbara M. ★★★★★

This is a beautifully well-written story. It is poignant and true and full of insight into our human experience. The story flows with such fluidity and with a grace and ease that is surely to offer the reader an opening to their own healing. I would recommend this book to both men and women seeking to understand how our experiences shape our lives. A must read! – Christina C. ★★★★★

Grabbed My Attention
Healing a Desperate Heart grabbed my attention and kept my interest because I wanted to know what happened next. In a writing style that moves quickly, it is an intimate look into the main character’s vulnerabilities that leads me through her personally intense experience. It’s a story that stayed with me for some time after reading. – Nadea A. ★★★★★

A Life Changing Read!
A life changing read!!! I just finished Healing a Desperate Heart. Susan Bischak is one courageous lady and her story will help people to heal their own hearts. I can personally relate to her experiences. Wow, a must read!!! – Amazon Customer ★★★★★

Wonderfully Written
A wonderfully written memoir that is honest, deep and soul-searching. Rev. Bischak goes deeply into the pain that any one of us may have and rises to a point of true forgiveness that leads to spiritual evolvement. A lesson for all of us – Dr. Rev. Christine V. ★★★★★

A Book for All Readers
Although I am not typically a fan of memoirs, this story is really quite captivating. As a reader, you become as consumed with finding closure as the writer herself. Whether you believe in the spirit world or not, you will certainly enjoy discovering the many different kinds of love revealed in this book. – Amazon Customer ★★★★

Engaging Journey
From the first few pages, I was engaged with the author’s beautiful heart pouring journey. Intriguing, thought-provoking, and educational. Have you ever taken a journey that brought you to a mountainous edge, where your spirit must choose to either climb higher or drift endlessly? The stakes are high in each turn. This book is revealing and connects to our soul yearning for expansion! – Sharon J. ★★★★★

Thank You, Susan
Thank you, Susan, for writing this wonderful book, and thank you for your courage and your grace! Your tale was so beautifully and wonderfully written that I read it in three uninterrupted hours! God bless you for your consistency and your quest for understanding. You are a fantastic and beautiful woman and sharing your journey with us was an enormous gift! – Susan B. ★★★★★

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