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I have totally embraced the Eastern medical belief that health is a matter of balancing the energies of the mind, body, and soul. Having one of these out of balance will prevent true health from being maintained. What is bothering a person in their mind or spirit will immediately or eventually affect the body on a physical level. I have been lead to choices in training that use my personal talents and inherited abilities. My goal is to help you regain and maintain your health and happiness. My clients work with me to adjust energies and make lifestyle adjustments where needed. Working with me can be very educational and enlightening. I bring decades of my accumulated knowledge into each session.

What I Do
I have a variety of trainings in order to address the mind, body and soul. I use an integrated approach and have much to offer. (You may click on each service for more information, or visit my Services page.)

Covid-19 Note: Because at this time personal contact can put people at risk, I am happy to let my potential and returning clients know that they can have either Biofield Tuning or mediumship at a distance. In physics this phenomenon of having an effect at a distance is referred to as “non-local”. I am dealing with energy when I work with people. It matters not that I am in the same room with you or even close geographically. I have worked with people in California, Florida, New Hampshire, Vermont, New York, Washington DC, and Kentucky as if they are right there with me. So please don’t hesitate to call and arrange for a healing session. Please read the testimonials. Both of the Biofield Tuning people were worked on at a distance. 

  • Thermography – medical imaging, without radiation, using a far-infrared camera
  • Biofield Tuning – release stress and heal with sound vibrations from tuning forks
  • Mediumship – private sessions, or small and large groups
  • Past-Life Regressions – to understand this life better. Private or group sessions.
  • Quantum Energy Shift – to find hidden root causes: kinesiology, intuition, past lives
  • Biosyntonie – working with Mother Earth’s energies to re-balance the body
  • Rituals and Ceremonies – weddings, baby namings, funerals or other special occasions

Locations are Oakland & Wyckoff in New Jersey.

Locations vary by personal and client preferences and what service is requested.

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