I have an eclectic mix of trainings that suit my mission and personality from scientific to mysticism. For further information please contact me directly: 973-838-7211.


Thermography is for Body Imaging
Without Harmful Radiation

This technology uses an infra-red camera to record heat from your body in a non-invasive way that allows the physiology to be analyzed by a medical doctor specially trained in thermography. I am a technician and have been doing thermography sessions for the breast, half of the body, or the whole body for six years. No one touches you. There is no radiation. This technology carries no risk. It is very good at finding areas that are too hot or areas that are too cool in order to advise you of places in your body that need attention, whether you have symptoms or not.

This technology is very good at soft tissue analysis, unlike mammograms, which pose a risk due to radiation exposure. This technology is also very good at finding problems before a mammogram will, sometimes 8-10 years before a mammogram can detect it. Consider that there must be a large enough number of cancer cells for the mammogram (x-ray) to find it, meanwhile the mass may have been growing over a number of years, yet was never detected until it was big enough. Because the veins are visible in a thermogram, the doctor doing the report can detect the beginning of a formation of a tumor when he/she sees veins going to a central area of the body, and this greatly helps with early detection.

While thermography cannot replace a mammogram/x-ray, neither can a CT scan, MRI, etc. All these technologies, along with thermography and mammograms, have their strong points and their weak points. There is no one technology that will give you all the information you want to know and that’s why we have so many technologies.

Many women are seeking another way to get a physical analysis and then decide on whether they will go for further testing when there is a problem, or use thermography as an adjunct to mammography or ultrasound. There is another choice. This is it.

Breast Study: $200 for the first visit, $150 thereafter

Half Body: $300 for women (includes breast study) or $250 for men. Images taken are from the hips up.

Whole Body: $400 for women (includes breast study) or $350 for men.

For more information on Thermography, click here.

Biofield Tuning

Stress Relief and Healing with Sound Vibration

This method uses tuning forks to work through the electromagnetic biofield that surrounds you. This field extends out from your body, past your arm’s reach, to where your life began on the timeline that holds your personal history. It contains the memories of all the events of your life, but most importantly, the memories you have found challenging or even traumatic. The purpose of the session is for me to find the events that have a negative impact, because they are affecting your life right now, and will continue to do so unless you can begin to lessen their impact. The more you can release in subsequent sessions, the more clarity, grounding, and calmness you will feel. Sessions are by phone or in person. This is just as effective remotely done as it is in person. Covid concerns or distance from my office are not a hindrance.

Cost: $175 for 45-60 minutes

For more information on Biofield Tuning, click here.


Mediumship Proves There Is
Life After This Life

Mediumship is spirit communication, a way to connect with your loved ones who have passed into another dimension. I act as a telephone to connect you with those you have known in your life that continue to live on. This can be a very emotional experience where understanding, love, and healing can occur on a very deep level. My job is to be the clearest channel I can be and get as much evidence as necessary so you can recognize the loved one I am communicating with. By the end of the session there will be no doubt in your mind that there is life after this life and those we refer to as dead are simply living in a different reality.

Sessions are in person or by telephone and paid for ahead of time. Call to arrange for an appointment. Groups larger than 6 will be done in tandem with my business partner and cousin, Dorothy Gargaro. Together we can accommodate up to 14 people in a 2 hour group session. We give a message to everyone present and that is why we must limit the number of attendees. Traditional demonstrations only give messages to a few people, never the whole group which can be quite large because they are just demonstrations, not group readings. Mediumship can be done by phone or Skype internationally. This can be done by Zoom or over the phone just as effectively.

Private sessions are an hour long and cost $175.

Group sessions vary according to the location and host.

Past-Life Regressions

Past-Life Regressions Help You Understand
Yourself and Relationships 

Past-Life Regression is a journey into your past, way back into previous lifetimes. Are you just curious about lives you lived before and want to get a glimpse of them or are you challenged by a relationship or issue and seek answers? With this method I use light hypnosis to relax you and open your mind to the experience. You are the traveler back in time and I go with you as your guide. Refer to books by Dr. Brian Weiss, Dr. Roger Wolger, and others.

The cost of a Past-Life Regression of an hour $175.

For more information on Past-Life Regression, click here.


Biosyntonie Uses Natural Earth Energies
To Re-Balance The Body

Biosyntonie brings Sedona-like vortex energy to you. It works with the earth’s electromagnetic field without magnets using natural resonance phenomena and ceramic disks with micro-cystalline materials. Biosyntonie is not concerned with diagnosis or disease. Your body directs the earth’s energy to rebalance and restore. This can enhance your body’s ability to heal itself. Biosyntonie was created by a French researcher in geobiology, Pierre Nicolas. See the information on the Biosyntonie page for a more in-depth and scientific explanation.

$100 for an hour

For more information on Biosyntonie, click here.

Quantum Energy Shift

Quantum Energy Shift Combines Kinesiology, Intuition, Past Lives, & More to Find
Hidden Root Causes

Quantum Energy Shiftuses kinesiology and my intuition to identify weak areas along the spine and elsewhere. Then using a combination of mediumship and energy work I help find and release what no longer serves you and is blocking your energy flow. You only release what you are ready to let go of at the time of the session. This sounds simple, but can be very transforming because it frees you from limitations from energetic imprints from this life or a past life.

$175 for an hour session.

For more information on Quantum Energy Shift, click here.

Interfaith Minister

I was ordained as an Interfaith Minister by the New Vision Interfaith Seminary on June 5, 2016. I am trained to perform services, weddings, baby namings, funerals, and other ceremonies or rituals to mark special occasions and milestones. I will work with you to create a meaningful ceremony that is personal and representative of your beliefs.




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