Past Life Group Regression at Nirvana Wellness Center

March 14, 1-3 pm

This is a chance to satisfy your curiosity: Did I live in Egypt? Why am I drawn to the city of London, but I never lived there as far as I know? Music comes so naturally to me so do you think I may have been a musician before?

These are suggestions of things you may choose to focus on as I guide you back in time through light hypnosis and guided imagery. This is to be light, fun, and entertaining. Part of the fun of a group regression is the sharing of experiences afterward. So come, bring a friend, and travel back to see yourself in another body, in another place and time. Susan is a trained hypnotist through the National Guild of Hynotists who specializes in past life regressions. Pillows, mats, and blankets will be provided. Limit to 14 people. $35 each.

Nirvana Wellness Center, 61 Berdan Ave., Wayne, NJ 07470

973-495-0334 –

NOTE: This event has been sold out at the Wayne location. Nirvana is taking registration for the same event at their Montville location, 112 Main Rd., on April 4th from 1-3pm.



Thursday, March 26 from 6:30-7:30 pm

at the Kinnelon Library, 132 Kinnelon Rd., Kinnelon


A FREE EVENT for the general public!


Sunday, March 29th from 1-6pm

at the Birchwood Manor, 111 North Jefferson Rd., Whippany, NJ

This is a FREE event for the public. Healers, Readers, Vendors, Speakers

Keynote speakers, Dr. Bernie Siegel and Ray Sette

I will be a Healer giving 10-minute demos of Quantum Energy Shift.


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