Excerpts from “Healing A Desperate Heart”

From The Preface…
“The pages of this book are peppered with unusual occurrences and synchronicities that have become commonly accepted in my life as the normal course of things. I realized that I had to write this story as it happened to me personally, because to present the material as fiction would make it a fairy tale – unbelievable, and worthless as a healing tool. I have to be honest that this is a memoir, that I experienced every bit of it, that it all really happened as I am presenting it, and that in the process of writing this book, even more healing was achieved. Not everyone would choose my path of transformation, but my story is an example of what can be achieved if you are as determined as I have been to rethink the pain of the past and transform it into joy. I learned that no matter how much I understood things on a mental level, my heart would still have an open wound until the emotions were healed as well. I hope to motivate others to become transformed in a similar way.”

From Chapter One…
“Just then my father broke the silence as we ate by expressing his opinion about something. What was odd, however, was that no one said anything out loud, but I knew what their thoughts were in reaction to what my father had said. As I focused my attention on each person, I “heard” their thoughts in my head. First Carl, then Bill, then Laura, and then Mom. The baby gave me a blank – no thoughts at all. I remember saying to all of them that I had heard what everyone had just been thinking in reaction to Dad’s statement. They just looked at me, no comment was made, and dinner continued. I knew they couldn’t fathom what I said I did, and neither could I make sense of it.

I had no idea I was telepathic. I didn’t even know what that was. I just knew I had heard all of their thoughts in my head. Curiously, I didn’t hear them all at once; I heard them one by one in order as I focused my attention on each person around the table. It was as if there was a time delay so I could “hear” them separately and not have it all jumbled up in my head at one time. I just had to chalk it up as something weird that night like pouring milk into my chicken soup. What did I know? I was only twelve years old.”

– Excerpts  from “Healing a Desperate Heart”, Copyright 2016 Susan Bischak. All rights reserved. Used by permission.

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