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My Business Is All About Health and Healing

I seek out new ways to help people beyond the mainstream approaches that many people are familiar with. Sometimes you have to explore something new in order to feel better. What you have already done may not have worked for you. It may be time to seek out and try a different approach.

Who Am I?
A thermographer, a mystic, an energy worker, a medium, and a writer. Everything I do relates to health and I love learning more to gain knowledge and serve the public.

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Dr. Peter Leandro, Meditherm, Inc.

Reiki Master & Advanced Hypnosis
Ida Diaz. National Guild of Hypnotists course with advanced training for past life regression. Dr. Roger Wolger’s method training as well.

Biosyntonie – Advanced
With originator Pierre Nicholas and Dr. Hanoch Talmor, Gainesville Holistic Center, Gainesville, Florida.

I have studied both the American and British Spiritualist traditions in the U.S. and U.K.(Arthur Findlay College) since 1982. I have trained with Steven and Stella Upton, Janet Nohavec, Joseph Sheil, Colin Bates, Audrey Willey (The Woodlands Sanctuary Foundation, Australia), John Holland, Bill Coller, Tony Stockwell, and James Van Praagh (producer of the popular Ghost Whisperer television program).

Touch for Health
Trained Levels I, II, and III.

Herbal Medicine
Studied with Marti Galione, master herbalist, on her farm in Chester, NY.

Nutrition Education
Academy of Natural Health Sciences, Woodbridge, NJ. Nationally certified Nutritional Consultant through examination with the America Association of Nutritional Consultants (AANC)

I am not a licensed nutritionist or dietician. I am a holistic health coach. I offer general education, not specific diets or treatments for disease states or weight loss.

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