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Light Bulbs that Purify the Air

NASA developed a super-oxygen technology to clean the air on the international space station, and a new company called Pure-Light™ adapted it for home and commercial use. Air in the space station has to somehow get cleansed; not just from stale odors, but from bacteria and viruses that would continue to multiply and threaten the health of those onboard. Here on earth, indoor home and commercial environments also need safe, clean air.

Pure-Light™ light bulbs have a non-toxic titanium dioxide (TiO2) coating. As light moves through it, a photocatalytic action creates excited electrons. These excited electrons combine with water molecules in the air and turn them into superoxide (O-2) and hydroxyl ion molecules (-OH) that naturally attack bacteria and viruses, plus VOCs (volatile organic compounds) like formaldehyde, benzene, and carbon monoxide. VOCs are dissolved into harmless water and carbon dioxide. On a daily basis, white blood cells called phagocytes produce superoxide to kill invading pathogens in our bodies. Sunlight interacts with water molecules in the air, effectively eliminating bacteria and viruses. Pure-Light™ technology uses this totally natural way to purify the air without filters, while providing lighting that uses less energy than incandescent or fluorescent bulbs.

Indoor air environments are considered to be some of the most polluted. Chemicals from cleaning products, rugs, and furniture as well as dust, molds, mildew, fungus, germs, smoke, pet and cooking odors pervade the air. Energy conservation methods effectively seal heat in our homes while also sealing in the same bad air. Super oxygen technology has been proven to discourage 99.9% of harmful and deadly bacteria and viruses (MRSA, salmonella, strep, E-coli, Influenza-A, etc.), and break down carbon monoxide, benzene, methane, and formaldehyde. Directing light through a titanium dioxide coating onto surfaces up to twelve feet away will discourage the buildup of pathogens. The titanium dioxide coating can also be applied directly to countertops and other surfaces to help keep them free of deadly bacteria for up to a full year. Some commercial applications are doctors’ waiting and exam rooms, day care centers, schools, restaurants, coffee shops, offices, etc.

Each Pure-Light™ bulb is also a full-spectrum light source, bringing the light of the sun into indoor environments. Seasonal Effective Disorder (SAD) is a common problem when the days become short and a person’s biological reaction is a depressed mood. Full-spectrum lighting, mimicking sunlight, is a known solution to make these people happier. Indoor plants thrive best with super-oxygen, full-spectrum lighting and pets seem to like it too.

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The Tourma®Line from FIR Industries

Tourmaline is known as the “electric” stone, because an electrical gauge will register electrical activity caused by the north and south poles on each crystal of tourmaline that make up the stone. When pulverized into billions of nano-sized crystals in a powdered form, the tourmaline can be bonded to any fabric. The benefit to people and their pets is that the tourmaline nano-crystals take in the heat of the body and send it back as far infrared energy (FIR). This process is called thermal-photonic conversion. Far infrared energy is known for its ability to increase nitric oxide, which will increase blood flow and oxygenation of tissues. Since the blanket interacts with the body it can be called therapeutic. 

FIR Products can be ordered by calling 973-838-7211
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Cut to the desired shape and use as a soothing adhesive bandage over bruises and sprains. The tourmaline in the fabric tape will increase blood flow to aid in the healing process and may reduce or elminate pain. You can leave it on in the shower or bath. Wear it for a few days before replacing the patch with a fresh one.

Tourma Tape, 16 ft. – $30.00. 


An additional benefit of tourmaline is noticed when it’s in the fabric of a throw or blanket. It is soothing due to it’s ability to increase seratonin levels in the brain. This means you are relaxed into a sound sleep. Tourmaline’s ability to retain body heat keeps you warm all night unlike regular blankets that allow heat to dissipate into the room. In contrast, electric blankets will negatively affect your body with electromagnetic pollution. Machine wash and dry.

Tourma®Blanket – Throw, 55 x 58 – $110.00
Tourma®Blanket – Twin, 68 x 80 – $125.00
Tourma®Blanket – Deluxe, 84 x 88 – $145.00


Tourma®Mat For Pets
Pet mats were developed because pets didn’t want to get off their owner’s FIR blankets! The tourmaline in the pet mat absorbs the pet’s body heat and then transmits that energy back into the pet’s body in the form of therapeutic far infrared light, just as it does in FIR blankets for people. Owners report that their nervous dogs calm down and older dogs with arthritis don’t want to get off their pet mat because it’s so soothing. Machine wash and dry.




Tourma®Mat For Pets XSmall, 20 x 13 – $19.95
Tourma®Mat For Pets Small, 24 x 18 – $27.95
Tourma®Mat For Pets Medium, 30 x 20 – $34.95
Tourma®Mat For Pets Large, 35 x 23 – $44.95
Tourma®Mat For Pets XLarge, 40 x 28 – $54.95



Gia Wellness
Gia Wellness products offer peace of mind in this wireless age. This company’s products have ERT, MRET and GIAplex technology.

ERT stands for Energy Resonance Technology, an entrained energy technology designed to reinforce the body’s resilience to the effects of electromagnetic radiation (EMR), and assist the body to function at it’s best. Those products are: Gia Life Pendants, Harmonizers for home and office, and Radiation Protective Mesh Sheets for use with Smart-Meters, Smart Strips, and Smart Sleeves for wrists, elbows, knees, or ankles, Smart Cards, and the i-H2O single-file water activation system.

MRET stands for Molecular Resonance Effect Technology. Two different, patented forms of MRET polymer are used in various GIA products. One form is the “Single-File Alignment” process of water and other liquids: the i-H2O water activation system, and the supplement line of products. The other is inside select TerraGIA Inspired Energy Products: Cell Guards for cell phones, Universal Guards for wireless devices, Smart Meter Defenders, Airtube Headsets, and Car Harmonizers.

GIAplex refers to the combination of ERT and MRET technologies- the ultimate technology blend for optimal hydration, nutrient delivery, weight management and energetic wellness, all of which are essential to thrive in this wireless age.

To view my Gia Wellness catalog, please go to my Gia webpage: Call for availability.

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Decorative Pillows

Large Pillows are 17 inches x 17 inches for $20 plus tax and shipping. Large with applique $25 plus tax and shipping.

Small, Lumbar Pillows are 8 inches x 17 inches for $15 plus tax and shipping.

Tweed, Green Velvet, Flowered Velvet, and Denim with Applique. All fabrics are cotton or cotton/polyester. Filled with a polyfill pillow form. Appliques are hand-crafted and vintage. Short run! Call for availability. 

All are filled with polyfill. Fabrics are cotton or cotton/polyester. Appliques are hand-crafted and vintage.

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