Healing A Desperate Heart


Healing A Desperate Heart
A Memoir of Love, Compassion, and Forgiveness

There is a need for many of us to heal old emotional wounds. With love compassion, and forgiveness this can be done. It may be that the one who forgives may benefit the most by coming to terms with what was, in order to break free of negative effects from the past.

This book is about my personal healing journey to learn about forgiveness told from the unique point of view of a medium and intuitive. Unusual occurrences keep the reader’s interest while the emotional content carries them through to the end. Some have told me they read the story cover-to-cover in 3 hours!

My experience was profound and full of lessons. I felt guided through the healing journey and when it was done, I knew I needed to share it to help others heal and learn as well. Part of the lesson is to not try to change anyone. You can only change yourself. Sometimes, when there is honest sharing of how each feels about the situation or relationship you can see the other person’s perception. Comparing each others perception can be very revealing, and healing, or just satisfying to understand their point of view. They don’t have to change to please you. Honor who they are from their life’s experiences that shaped how they think and react which can be very different from yours. Acceptance follows. This releases a lot of emotional and psychological stress and can help put things behind you, like continually re-running hurtful scenarios. Let them be. Move on to better things and leave with all of you, all your parts that got hurt, so your soul can no longer be fragmented. Take back your power, the power you gave them over you. This is known as shamanic soul retrieval.

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