Past-Life Regressions

Past-Life Regressions Help You Understand Yourself and Relationships

I trained at the advanced level of hypnosis through the National Guild of Hypnotists in order to be at the higher level to train for Past-Life Regressions. I did that because I had experienced being regressed to past lives and loved seeing myself as if in a movie, in another lifetime, in another body, and in other relationships I had then that relate to people I know now. I felt it to be very therapeutic by providing explanations to why, in this life, I am drawn to or away from people, why I have a like or dislike of certain things, and why I may have a fear of something.

If there is a phobia you are challenged with and you have no explanation in this lifetime why you have it, then it may not be from this lifetime at all. It is amazing that when the mind comprehends this revelation, it can begin letting the upsetting experience go. I was able to stop someone’s nightmares about being shot in one session this way. The person was able to go into a light hypnosis under my direction and see the scene as it happened long ago. She never had that nightmare again.

So what happens if you do not see anything? I am truly disappointed for you, really, because of my own rich experiences. There are some people that don’t see or sense anything, they just can’t give their minds free-reign. In those situations, I will see the lifetimes and describe them to the client. What I describe has always related to their lives now. 

What if you get scared? Know that you are the one in control of the session. I am only your guide. You can choose to end the session at any time. The light hypnosis used is only to relax your mind and focus it on seeking answers. I am able to work with you and your guides to help you get the information you need.

Refer to books by Dr. Brian Weiss, Dr. Roger Wolger, and others.

Sessions are an hour long and cost $130.

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