Mediumship Proves
There Is Life
After This Life

Mediumship is spirit communication, a way to connect with your loved ones who have passed into another dimension. I act as a telephone to connect you with those you have known in your life that continue to live on. This can be a very emotional experience where understanding, love, and healing can occur on a very deep level. My job is to be the clearest channel I can be and get as much evidence as necessary so you can recognize the loved one I am communicating with. By the end of the session there will be no doubt in your mind that there is life after this life and those we refer to as dead are simply living in a different reality. One of the greatest compliments I have received from a client is her sending a note stating she was no longer afraid of “what come next” . So many people are afraid of death that they don’t concentrate on the joys of living! By giving evidence I can prove who is coming through to communicate with you so when we get to the message part, that message will be much more assuring of the realness of communicating with those in another dimension where they live on. 

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Sessions are in person or by telephone and paid for ahead of time. Call to arrange for an appointment. Groups larger than 6 will be done in tandem with my cousin, Dorothy Gargaro. Together we can accommodate up to 14 people in a 2 hour group session. We give a message to everyone present and that is why we must limit the number of attendees. Traditional demonstrations only give messages to a few people from a group that can be quite large because they are demonstrations, not group readings. Mediumship can be done in person, by phone, or internet internationally.

Private sessions are an hour long and cost $175.

Group sessions vary according to the location and host.

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