Biofield Tuning

Stress Relief and Healing with Sound Vibration

“Almost all disorders are a consequence of low voltage. If the body has enough energy to fix itself, it does. Virtually every BT session will raise voltage because it removes noise and resistance from the electrical system of the body, both of which impede voltage optimization.” Eileen Day McKusick, creator of Biofield Tuning

Dr. Candace Pert established that emotions are biochemical peptides that provide communication to your body, often from your subconscious mind. Your emotions create memories that are stored in your body. These stored memories are electromagnetic events and have a subtle energy to them that can be detected by a trained Biofield Tuning practitioner.

You are an electromagnetic being, and as such, your heartbeat and brainwaves can be detected by medical technology we are all familiar with. The subtle energies, however, are harder to notice. Your body becomes a storehouse of these subtle energies that stay in it, or around it, in what is called your biofield. In this way, the consciousness extends beyond the body. Dr. Pert called the peptides “molecules of emotion,” and are what “run every system in your body.” She found the scientific explanation for the mind/body connection.

The biofield extends way beyond the spread of your arms and has a toroidal shape. Imagine a fountain spurting about a foot above your head. Imagine also, the same thing extending about a foot down from your feet, an upside-down fountain image. Connect the two so that your body is surrounded 360 degrees with the energy field going furthest from your body in between your head and feet. In that terroidal biofield are stored experiences from your lifetime that can weigh you down like emotional baggage. 

Using tuning forks I search for areas where the fork becomes stuck in a denser vibration while moving in from the edge of the biofield, where your life began chronologically, toward the body as the tuning forks vibrate. The vibrations of the forks, as sound, interact with and raise the dense areas to lessen their negative effect on you. In a session I combine my own unique gifts in mediumship and clairvoyancy to bring in more information. Your whole life is not addressed in one session, but in subsequent sessions more and more of these dense areas are revealed and attended to. The result is a sense of lightness as you feel unburdened from the past’s effect on your present quality of life. Clients comment how they can feel energy as I work with them, even at a distance. Please view their testimonials in the About Susan section.

Sessions can be done in-person, but are just as effective done remotely. $175 for one hour.

Dr. Candace Pert’s groundbreaking book, “Molecules of Emotion: The Science Behind Mind-Body Medicine,” was published in 1997.

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