Quantum Energy Shift

Quantum Energy Shift May Combine Kinesiology, Intuition, Past Lives as Needed

to Find Hidden Root Causes

Quantum Energy Shift is a combination of different modalities in one session. Kinesiology, Yuen, mediumship, energetic body scanning, and past life recall are utilized as needed. The focus is on finding the deep-seated issues, the root cause that affect your mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical health. All are interrelated, one affecting the total. You work in tandem with me as we explore your personal energy field. The goal is to release and recharge, letting the negative go, and welcoming in a more positive energy in its place. I am a Reiki Master, but with so many trainings and my personal talents to draw on, I get too much information to say I am doing Reiki anymore. It has evolved as I have, and needed it’s own category.

Sessions are one hour and cost $150.

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