Praise for Healing A Desperate Heart

A Search for Personal Peace
Throughout life’s journey we continue to accumulate emotional “baggage”, some of it provides for healthy growth and some it goes without comfortable or appropriate closure. All of our experiences combine to influence our confidence in future decisions and our interpretation of new situations and personalities. Rev. Bischak chronicles the memorable events and relationships that shaped her personal journey. This memoir of self-discovery is an open and honest look at the author’s search for understanding of relationships left with unfulfilled expectations and open-ended issues. Follow Susan as she learns what shaped her needs and how she comes to recognize her strengths, her gifts, and her determination to change those things that she can and accept those things that she cannot change. An enjoyable and interesting read that will leave you thinking… maybe you can heal your own heart. – Coz R., Katonah, NY ★★★★★

A Must Read, a Real Page Turner!
Many of us have unresolved conflicts with relationships. It is what we do with these challenges that matters. We can ignore them, but that does not mean they go away. They often fester in our mind and heart, causing physical and emotional trauma. How do we resolve these conflicts? Should we take the safe approach, by not rocking the boat; or risk a gamble, by taking them head-on, no holds barred, win or lose? This book is a must read for anyone who has ever had an unresolved issue- with a friend, co-worker, significant other, or family member. It is a compelling story that draws us moment by moment into Susan’s poignant odyssey. – Barbara M. ★★★★★

This is a beautifully well-written story. It is poignant and true and full of insight into our human experience. The story flows with such fluidity and with a grace and ease that is surely to offer the reader an opening to their own healing. I would recommend this book to both men and women seeking to understand how our experiences shape our lives. A must read! – Christina C. ★★★★★

Grabbed My Attention
Healing a Desperate Heart grabbed my attention and kept my interest because I wanted to know what happened next. In a writing style that moves quickly, it is an intimate look into the main character’s vulnerabilities that leads me through her personally intense experience. It’s a story that stayed with me for some time after reading. – Nadea A. ★★★★★

A Life Changing Read!
A life changing read!!! I just finished Healing a Desperate Heart. Susan Bischak is one courageous lady and her story will help people to heal their own hearts. I can personally relate to her experiences. Wow, a must read!!! – Amazon Customer ★★★★★

Wonderfully Written
A wonderfully written memoir that is honest, deep and soul-searching. Rev. Bischak goes deeply into the pain that any one of us may have and rises to a point of true forgiveness that leads to spiritual evolvement. A lesson for all of us – Dr. C. ★★★★★

A Book for All Readers
Although I am not typically a fan of memoirs, this story is really quite captivating. As a reader, you become as consumed with finding closure as the writer herself. Whether you believe in the spirit world or not, you will certainly enjoy discovering the many different kinds of love revealed in this book. – Amazon Customer ★★★★

Engaging Journey
From the first few pages, I was engaged with the author’s beautiful heart pouring journey. Intriguing, thought-provoking, and educational. Have you ever taken a journey that brought you to a mountainous edge, where your spirit must choose to either climb higher or drift endlessly? The stakes are high in each turn. This book is revealing and connects to our soul yearning for expansion! – Sharon J. ★★★★★

For Mediumship 
I had been to other mediums, John Edwards gallery included, and I have never had a better experience than with your reading. You have brought me the peace with both parents that I needed, and I am forever grateful to you. I can’t wait to have another private reading. – D. Hicks, California

I had to write and tell you how much your reading has given me peace of mind. You hit on so many things that no one could possibly know about my dad and family. It was a great experience to be so connected to the afterlife. I have gone to other mediums and never had so much satisfaction. – P. Hayden, New Jersey 

For Quantum Energy Shift
Susan is a most skillful practitioner. Her Quantum Energy Shift (QES) modality is an excellent solution for anyone healing emotional wounds or trauma. QES is a very effective technique. Certainly one that we will be hearing more about in the future.– Jerry Hocek, Publisher,
Natural Awakenings Magazine of Northern New Jersey

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