In 1959, Dr. Marcel Poumailloux, a French physician, and Dr. R. Viart, a meteorologist, announced a striking correlation between increases in heart failure, solar activity peaks, and periods of agitated geomagnetic activity. They also recorded a drop in hospital admissions for heart failure during a 4-month period of relatively calm solar and geomagnetic activity. Both researchers pointed to an increased tendency toward blood-clot formation during times of maximal solar and earth magnetic activity. It was postulated that intense magnetic fields affect the iron in the hemoglobin to increase coagulation.

In the 1950’s & 1960’s, Russian and Eastern European epidemiological studies have confirmed the French findings.

Dr. Robert Becker, an orthopedic surgeon, author, and pioneer of electromagnetic medicine, collaborated with Dr. Howard Friedman, a psychiatrist. They found that there was an increase in admissions to psychiatric wards and more psychotic behavior among inpatient schizophrenics and manic-depressives during periods of active magnetic storms. Becker recognized the ability of magnetic fields to alter activity within the nervous system. He was able to completely anesthetize a salamander using only magnetic fields.

Ludger Meersman, a Florida geobiology researcher, used a sensitive magnetometer to map out magnetic-energy levels directly over beds and in sleeping quarters of people suspected of sleeping in geopathic stress zones. Beds of healthy people had a homogenous magnetic field intensity across the entire bed, while sick individuals had small areas of high- and low-intensity geomagnetic fields distributed along the length of the beds. Often the area with the most geomagnetic stress correlated to where the person had cancer or arthritis.

Applying Meersman’s research using electrical and electromagnetic fields to stimulate the healing of broken bones, Dr. Becker created an orthopedic bone stimulator. Becker has been interested in exploring how certain control mechanisms and healing systems within the body may be energetically based vs. being strictly biochemical. He discovered the body’s direct current (DC) electrical-control system.

Harold Burr, a neuroanatomist at Yale University, mapped out electrical field patterns around various living organisms that he labeled L-fields or life fields. The L-fields seemed to energetically direct growth and development in plants and animals.

With clues from Harold Burr, Becker theorized that there existed a unique electrical-control system within the body that played a role in healing and repair of cellular damage, but also the regulation of states of consciousness. Becker found that anesthetized humans showed a marked alteration in the DC current around their heads whether they were under the influence of drug-induced anesthesia or hypnotically induced anesthesia.

Altered states of consciousness (hypnosis) can produce measureable electrical changes within the body’s DC-current system. The body may keep the DC current on until the healing is complete. Glial or perineural nerve-support cells are suspected of being carriers of the DC current, transmitting bioinformation throughout the body. Glial cells could be influenced by the application of external magnetic fields.

Most of the time human cells oscillate and resonate with the background 7.8-cycles-per-second hum of the earth’s magnetic field (aka. Schumann Resonance), which is located in the mid-alpha-theta brainwave range associated with daydreaming. Our cells are attuned to this frequency which acts on the electrical control systems of the body. The DC-current system is responsive to the earth’s magnetic field which is in the ELF (extremely low frequency range).

We are constantly being influenced by 60-cycle-per-second electrical and magnetic fields, microwave energies, and other fields from modern technologies. These new background energies may be confusing the body’s electromagnetic messages, eventually leading to illness.

In France, Pierre Nicolas, a researcher in biophysics, has been aware of these scientific findings. Nicolas believes man-made electromagnetic radiation is interfering with the body’s natural rhythms creating mis-information in the form of foreign energies that lead to system disregulation.

The method he developed and named Biosyntonie focuses the earth’s magnetic field on the body to assist in maintaining and restoring the optimum vibratory rates needed for health. Nicolas studied eastern medical and philosophical understandings of the cycles and rhythms of the body. Chi energy flows along the many meridians, or energy pathways, of the body. Sacred geometry and Taoism also have been combined into the system. Consciousness can be altered with Biosyntonie.

During a Biosyntonie session ceramic disks embedded with microcrystalline materials are placed in specific patterns that are often circles (God, creation), triangles (balance where matter and consciousness connect with the higher realms), or rectangles (the four elements, stability). The disks create a vortex of energy wherever they are placed. Some are placed on the body and some don’t even touch the body. Water in the body is the carrier of electromagnetic information to all tissues, organs, and cells. The body needs 20 minutes to fully cycle the energetic information throughout the body. Clients have reported sensations of levitation, vibrations, discomfort, swirling energies, pain, itching, warmth, and profound restfulness. With Biosyntonie, the body, not the practitioner, directs the treatment. No session is the same for any other person and those coming back for more sessions may not experience the same things they did previously.

The environment of the sessions is important. Electromagnetic fields must be minimized as much as possible. The client lays on a wooden massage table or a mat on the floor. Lights and computers should be turned off. The ideal location is within a wood-framed building or out in a field away from electrical wiring. Too much electromagnetic interference will block the session.

Testimonials I have gathered so far prove what the body can do with the energy Biosyntonie provides it. Pain was stopped in a terminal cancer patient as long as the disks were on. (No drugs were otherwise able to stop the pain.) A multiple fracture of the arm was healed in record time with no need for physical therapy. Pain from a fall on ice that was unrelenting for many days was stopped and pain medication was no longer needed. Post-surgery pain from a removed rib was greatly reduced so that breathing, coughing and laughing no longer provided great discomfort. (Even Oxycontin was unable to help.)

Pitchers, plates and goblets are also made of the unique ceramics. They alter the structure of the foods or water placed on or in them. The resulting restructured water and foods are better absorbed and utilized by the body. (Japanese doctor Masaru Emoto’s famous experiments vividly show how water crystals are affected by energy.) Biosyntonie also has ceramic pieces that are used to minimize electromagnetic pollution in the home and office by transforming the waves of energy, not blocking them.

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