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I have totally embraced the Eastern medical belief that health is a matter of balancing the energies of the mind, body, and soul. Having one of these out of balance will prevent true health from being maintained. What is bothering a person in their mind or spirit will immediately or eventually affect the body on a physical level. I have been lead to choices in training that use my personal talents and inherited abilities. My goal is to help you regain and maintain your health and happiness. There is no magic pill to take. My clients work with me to adjust energies and make lifestyle adjustments where needed. Working with me can be very educational and enlightening.

Watch How to Let Go of Past Negative Memories and Forgive, Susan Bischak’s inspiring conversation with Saloua Ibaline of Self Made Successful Women.

What I Do
I have a variety of trainings in order to address the mind, body and soul. I use an integrated approach and have much to offer.

• Thermography
• Mediumship – 1-1, small and large groups and training
• Past-Life Regressions
• Reiki
• Integrated Energy Therapy (IET) 
• Biosynonie
• Rituals and Ceremonies to honor milestones or special occasions

Call 973-838-7211 for information or an appointment.

Locations in North Haledon, Oakland, Ringwood, Red Bank, and Newton in New Jersey.

Locations vary by personal and client preferences, what service is requested, and where a group is being hosted.

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